My perfect Nap

The summer in the northern hemisphere is finally here, and summer and more particularly warmth is associated for me with a good nap. I truly enjoy a nap anytime but even more when it is quite warm and sunny. This is partially why I feel so at home in Spain, where a nap is so much part of people’s daily life, they enjoy the mornings and the evenings/nights and hence need some time to replenish in the middle of the day.

So when Waller, from, recommended to me an article around “How to nap”, I could not resist having a read through. And since I enjoyed the article, which is clear, simple, nicely written and illustrated. I thought you might as well, hence the reason I am sharing it here with you.

What I found particularly interesting were the diagrams about the best time to nap, based on different sleeping patterns.

So, if in addition to you enjoying a nap, I was to tell you that based on recent researches, this nap may also enhance your performance, increase your overall alertness, reduce stress, and the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabete or excessive weight, what are you going to do?