The fact we have just started a new year provides us with an opportunity to pause, reflect and think about what we have achieved so far, how we have lived our life, refocus on what is truly important to us and ensure we live the life we aspire to live.

As Eleanor Roosevelt summarised so well :

“The future belongs to those who believe in (the beauty of) their dreams.”

And maybe because I am turning 40 this year, I am more aware of the speed at which time disappears, more aware of the dreams I have yet to realise, more aware that the clock is definitely ticking for some of those, for instance having children,  more aware that nobody knows what tomorrow is made of, or how many more years I have to live ( even though I believe I still have lots of years to live), more aware that I need to act now if I still believe in those dreams and I do.

So if like me, you have dreams you want to see becoming reality, I encourage you to watch a video I have watched a few times from Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon who became famous with his last lecture: “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” delivered in September 2007.

Randy  Pausch died in July 2008 having inspired millions of people to realise their dreams. As he mentioned in the video, it is so much fun to realise one’s dreams and even better to help someone else realising their dreams.

So what is the dream out of all your cherished dreams that you will work to make it become a reality this year and how could you help at least one other person to realise one of their dreams as well?