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How are your new year resolutions going?

When we are now a month into 2010, and it is a perfect time for a quick chech up of how well you are doing on your new year resolutions. This year, I personally did not go for some as such. I am more focusing on projects/objectives, I will need a few months to...

Steam-cooking: a healthier approach?

I started to use 6 months ago this triple-decker SEB steam cooker and I can only recommend this wonderful and essential kitchenware. It is as if I am (re)discovering flavours long forgotten such as steamed carrots or steamed onions. I have even stopped using my...

Do you think your job is bad?

An image is worth a thousand words. So if you want to feel better about your job this is just for you, and if you don’t, this might just make you smile even more….